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Arati Brand Candles and Earthen Diyas

Arati Brand Candles are Mosquito Repellent Candles manufactured by, “The Sewali Home Enterprise” (SHE), using technology licensed to “The Sewali Home Enterprise” (SHE), by CSIR- North East Institute of Science & Technology. CSIR- North East Institute of Science & Technology (CSIR-NEIST) is the only R&D institute of CSIR in North East India. CSIR is the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, under the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.

The Mosquito Repellent CandleTechnology was developed at CSIR by a dedicated group of researchers after years of intensive study. One of the partners of “The Sewali Home Enterprise” (SHE) is a member of the group and one of the patentees of the technology.

Arati Brand Candles are novel and innovative candles that are 3-in-1. They drive away mosquitoes, provide light and fragrance. The raw materials used are wax, natural oils, wicks and colour. All raw materials are sourced from reputed manufacturers and producers. The major raw material wax is currently sourced from Digboi Oil Refinery of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Assam Oil Division). Digboi Oil Refinery is Asia’s oldest refinery and continues to produce the finest wax.

Arati Brand Candles, developed through years of dedicated R & D by renowned Scientists, are Synergistic combination of essential oils and pure wax, Produced by ZED Process and they do not contain harmful chemicals. Mosquitoes do not develop resistance due to synergistic effect. Arati Brand Mosquito Repellent Candles and Earthen Diyas chase away Mosquitoes and keep vector borne diseases like Dengue Malaria Encephalitis out of your home. It lights up your Home with Fragrance.

Made from pure wax, the Arati Brand Mosquito Repellent Candles and Earthen Diyas burn with a steady flame. The average time of burning of a regular 6 inch Arati Brand Candle stick is 2 hour 30 minutes and Arati Brand Earthen Diya is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Banana Plant Fibre

The natural agro fibre extracted from matured banana plant has got versatile utilities. Its tensile strength is very high, even higher than the jute fibre of same diameter. Banana plant is abundantly available in North Eastern Region of India and the fibre extracted from it is potential for market consumption. The Sewali Home Enterprise (SHE) would like to add Banana Plant fibre in its product range very soon.



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